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Our Trainers

Our trainers have a passion for helping people learn. We believe that learning opens up new possibilities and new horizons for the individual. And when we help trainers and would-be trainers to increase their knowledge and skills so that they can be better trainers, not only do they benefit, their own trainees would also benefit.

Each of our trainers has more than 10 years of training experience and we have trained people from diverse organisations including manufacturing and service-related industries, educational institutions and government agencies. Our trainers are bi-lingual; proficient in both the English Language and Bahasa Malaysia thus enabling us to train so many more people. 



Who have we trained?

Operations trainers
Customer Service trainers
Technical trainers
HR team who are trainers for their company's onboarding programmes for new hires and users of their HR Information System
IT trainers who train users in the use of certain software
Safety trainers
Quality trainers
Language trainers
Corporate trainers
Hotel industry trainers
Community trainers
Lecturers who need to conduct training for the industry
Researchers who train others in research and laboratory techniques
Trainers from legal and enforcement units
Trainers from the food industry


We have always found it interesting to meet trainers and would-be trainers from different industries and various backgrounds.  Often we have been amazed at their level of expertise in their chosen field.  Conducting these sessions has also given us the opportunity to encounter many generous-hearted and like-minded people who love to share their knowledge and skills with others.   


Is it any wonder that we love what we do? J


While each of us has our individual training style, we have a similar training approach in that we provide opportunities for practical experience through learning activities and we model what we teach. We encourage learning in groups as we believe people learn better when they learn together and from each other. During the training sessions, we make sure that the environment (physical, social, intellectual, psychological) is conducive for learning.  


In short, we pay attention to what we deliver (the content), how we deliver (the methodology) and the environment in which we deliver the training, in order to create a GREAT learning experience for our participants. 




From our participants...........



Train the Trainer certificationAn excellent trainer. She engages well with the group, and inserts a lot of activities to facilitate learning. She clarifies welland I would love to attend more training under her. I learnt a lot from her and her training style!Train the Trainer Certification   

Train the Trainer certificationAll the basic competencies of handling training are in place. Awesome!! Train the Trainer Certification

Train the Trainer certificationProgram ini mengubah persepsi saya mengenai 'TTT' yang sebenarnya. TTT pada awal persepsi saya ialah kursus yang membosankan dan 'klise', tapi tanggapan saya salah.Train the Trainer Certification 

Train the Trainer certificationThe trainer has done a very great job! She developed a comfortable and open environment from the very beginning. Learnt a lot from her!Train the Trainer Certification    


Train the Trainer certificationIt's just  perfect methodology & materials.Train the Trainer Certification 



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